Trending - The Humble White Shirt

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White Shirt

The classic shirt continues as a longstanding item, with menswear silhouettes influencing Winter 18 styles.

In a closet full of season-specific trends, the white shirt is the great equalizer, the bottom line, the very definition of a...

Winter 2018 Colour

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This season we have grouped our colour palette into trends as shown below.

Winter 18 Colour Palette Akld

OASIS - Classic autumnal tones are heightened and more intense for Winter 18, and appear in blazing prints Viola and The Wanderer. These are complemented by earthy and...

Winter 2018

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Oasis Akl  Elixir Akl  Catatonic Akl  Synthesis Akl

Introducing our Winter 2018 key trends from left to right.

Undergrowth / Organic / Earthed / Elements / Ablaze
In a world lived more and more through screens, Oasis explores the increasingly visceral urge...

Summer 2017 - Print Trend UTOPIA

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UTOPIA is one of our high-summer stories which look’s to the lush foliage of rain forests, venturing deep into the undergrowth to unearth exotic flora and naturally occurring rich colour. This is a heavily focused print trend, we see unusual...

Summer 2017 - Styling

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New interpretations of femininity are expressed with a focus on season-less applications in Summer 2017. A modern aesthetic emerges through unique fabric combinations and layering, blending urban utility, leisure and sports references with a...

Spring Launch Party 2017

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Web Photos

Toasting the SPRING season, CWT hosted their bi-annual event to launch the latest SPRING SUMMER 2017 range of textiles. Hosted in the Grafton premises in NZ and GG's in Melbourne, the bubbles were flowing as the expertly curated collection of...

Summer 2017

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Alechemist Moodboard A4 Alechemist Moodboard A4 Alechemist Moodboard A4 Alechemist Moodboard A4

Introducing our Summer 2017 key trends from left to right.

U T O P I A - This high-summer story looks to the lush foliage of rain forests, venturing deep into the undergrowth to unearth exotic flora and naturally occurring rich...

Spring 2017

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Spring 17 Colour Palette Akld Web  Spring 17 Colour Palette Akld Web

The key colour messages for the coming Spring 17 collection are simple and concise yet bold, bringing an invigorating freshness which pervades the new season.

SWISS RED makes a strong appearance for Spring 17, adding a feminine yet...

Apparel Magazine Edit

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Apparel Magazine spoke with CWT, the pre-eminent supplier of fashion fabric in the global market, to check in on how the company has evolved over the past 25 years, talk about industry changes and discuss what's ahead...

Business Profile Cwt Pdf Front Page

Winter 2017

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Artisan Cp Romantic Traveller Cp Shake It Up Cp Purist Cp


The illusion of subtle texture in print and pattern with a handcrafted appeal embodies the Artisan trend for winter. The colours are classic, setting the heritage tone, nightshade and denim blues with cobweb greys and magnet charcoal are anchored by garnet gem and toffee amber shades.